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Autumn Kids Portraits Perth

Autumn Kids Portraits Perth

SO many of us are guilty of shying away from the camera, not this little guy.

This beautiful little toddlers photo shoot was taken recently by the team at Miller Studios, Perth, WA

This little boy loved having his photos taken with mum & Dad the photo shoot reminds me of my favourite song, (I’ve added a link below)

The little guy was an absolute pleasure to photograph,  We have so many beautiful shots from this photo shoot heres a sneak peek. . . . . .

 Top tips for Children Portraits, Family photos, Kids photo shoot Perth, WA ?. . . . . .

 . . . . . . . only one bring food. hehe


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Purple for grandma

A Beautiful gift for a beautiful Grandmother. 

Her favourite colour is you guessed it, Purple!

This location shoot was a top secret mission to keep Grandma out of the loop.

It involved changing clothes at a friends house, Bribing kids to keep it hush, lots of laughs and a tad bit of arguing to get one certain boy to wear a purple t-shirt.

Hope you like the result! We had a great time with this great family!



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Love and laughter

This is the story of a beautiful Irish family reunited in Perth after many years. All are now settled in different parts of the globe.

Brought together for this wonderful family day out, lots of laughs were shared. I felt like a stand up comedian instead of a photographer with all of us irish together!

This is a story close to my heart! hope you all like & please share!


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